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A three day celebration of Champagne and sparkling wine in Los Angeles

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The family-operated house of Soutiran manages 6 hectares of vines, the majority of which are situated on the terroir of Ambonnay. A few parcels of 1er Cru – in the villages of Trépail, Chigny les Roses, Ludes and Chamery – make it possible to elaborate the first champagne in the range of the domain. This production is complemented by the purchase of grapes grown close to the domain, partly under Soutiran’s management.

The vineyard management respects sustainable viticulture practices. Following soil analysis, plots lacking in nutrients are enriched, with organic fertilizers only. Working the soil reduces the need for herbicides.
The vineyard is protected by sexual confusion practices to avoid using insecticides.

About 30 plots are harvested manually over a period of approximately 10 days. Following the pressing using a membrane-press of 4000 kg, the juices begin their alcohol and malolactic fermentations in a temperature-controlled environment. An additional palette of aromas comes from the oak barrels which complement the stainless steel vats.

The wines, fermented in large casks, are aged on lees without any racking until the blending. A stirring of the lees is done for an amount of time depending on the profile of the year. Prior to bottling, the wines undergo a cold stabilization and are filtered using clay filters. Once bottled, the cuvées rest horizontally on lees between 5 and 8 years before they are disgorged.

The amount of dosage is redefined yearly for each individual cuvée, following trials in the laboratory and blind tastings. The harmony and balance of the wine are the elements sought after by the tasting committee.

Following disgorgement, the cuvées rest an additional 6 months on average before being labeled and sold. This supplemental period of rest allows for the homogeneity of the wine.

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