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A three day celebration of Champagne and sparkling wine in Los Angeles

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Francois Robin

After a childhood spent on his family’s goat farm near Tours, and an eclectic series of early professional forays in fields as diverse as biology, contemporary art, music and food, François Robin returned to his roots, attending the French Cheesemonger School in Paris where he graduated in 2008.

Upon completion of his formal training, he was picked to manage the cheese department at world-renown Parisian luxury grocer Fauchon, where he continued to deepen his expertise developing an exquisite all-French cheese program for both French and International customers, also working with pastry chefs Christophe Adam and Benoit Couvrand.

At the same time, he began preparing for the prestigious Meilleurs Ouvriers de France competition, a process that takes years and culminates in a lifetime designation of Un des Meilleurs Ouvriers de France (Best French Craftsman). He competed in this, one of the world’s highest level professional competitions, in 2011, earning the coveted title.

He now shares his expertise working together with a lot of French and international cheese professionals (Hervé Mons, Sopexa…), teaching at the French Cheesemonger Schools in Paris, Lyon & Toulouse, and attending International Cheese events (Bra, Sirha, Natexpo, ACS…).

In the last few years, he has traveled round the world to promote the French Cheeses and dairy products in Dubaï, India, Abu Dhabi, Vietnam, Singapore, Korea, Lebanon and USA. There he animated media events (buffets, hands-on workshops), professional tastings (FHA Singapore, Foodexpo Vietnam, Fancy Food Show New York) and public events (Taste of Dubaï, Winter Show Dubaï).

He is also the proud author of « Le Fromage pour les Nuls » (Cheese for Dummies), recently released in France.

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