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“Champagne is the only wine that can accommodate all of nature’s fragrances in a single glass. Its unsurpassed aromatic diversity makes it possible to pick up all types of nature and fragrances and create harmony with the environment. By virtue of the character and fragrance of the location, different aspects of the Champagne’s personality will be highlighted and reinforced. This is the heart of the matter, and the reason why I do not devote myself to Wine Hiking but instead created the concept of Champagne Hiking

Richard Juhlin


Richard Juhlin’s most recent book, Champagne Hiking, offers a compelling examination of how Champagne is experienced differently by consuming it in different locations. Does the environment in which we open a bottle impact our sensory perception of it? Does bubbly taste better at higher altitudes? At Effervescence 2018, Juhlin explored the science behind the phenomenon as the nature of Champagne interacts with Mother Nature.

Some of the topics covered during this unique master class:

  • The environmental impact on the drinking experience
  • Why Champagne tastes the best at a particular time, in a particular place

Wines poured:

Aubry ‘Le Nombre d’Or’ Brut NV
André Clouet Millesime 2008
De Sousa Blanc de Blancs Reserve Grand Cru NV
Marc Hebrart ‘Selection’ Brut NV
Louis Roederer Brut Rose 2010


Champagne Hiking Book

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