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We are deeply honored to host expert author Richard Juhlin, widely considered to be the foremost Champagne connoisseur in the world. Juhlin has published extensively on Champagne and is reputed to have tasted more of it than anyone else over the course of his long and varied career. From James Beard awards to France’s Legion d’Honneur, Juhlin is particularly revered for his blind-tasting abilities and encyclopedic knowledge of the region.

For this Master Class, Juhlin will guide us as we examine – and taste – how Champagne ages and matures through four decades – 1970, 1980, 1990 and 2000. We’ll be treated to rarities not commonly available as we explore both youthful and aged examples of the region’s very best bottlings.

How do both terroir and chemistry impact an aging bottle?


Some of the topics covered during this unique master class: 

  • What is the golden age for Champagne at the moment?
  • Have production methods changed over the decades, and how does this reflect the style today?
  • Does the feeling of terroir change with maturity?
  • The concept of Œnothèque & Vinothèque

Wines to be poured:

Dom Pérignon 2009

Dom Pérignon 2006

Dom Pérignon 2000 P2

Dom Pérignon 1996 P2

Dom Pérignon 1988 P3

Taittinger Vintage 1976